Monday, March 8, 2010

Surgery day! Feb 20th 2010

Woke up early in the morning, if I could say that I have got any sleep the night before. I had to do a bowel preparation around noon which was one of the most awful things that I've ever been through. The hardest part was to drink the whole bottle of magnesium citrate, and a little after that I was going to the bathroom non-stop, totally frustrated, but I had to do in case the doctor happen to find some endometriosis on my bowel.
We had to drive about 1 hour to get to the hospital, since the doctor that I chose performs the surgery in Tacoma, I had chosen her based on a friend experience, and since she is an specialist that made me really happy.
Got there, I had to change my clothes to that blue thing that shows your butt, what could I do. I've never had gone through any surgery before, so I have to tell you I was freaking out.
The staff was really good, very friendly and professional. They got me a blanket and in bed I was just waiting for them to come pick me up after having to answer to so many questions about my healthy. The anesthesiologist came in and gave me a little something to calm me down, the doctor showed up to say hi and to talk to my husband, and then was time for me to go. I said bye to my hubby in tears of course, my nephew and cousin was there I gave each one a kiss and a hug and they took me to the operating room. When I got there they gave me the anesthesia and I was out.
The procedure took almost 3 hours, as I had a lot of endometriosis and also 2 fibroid s on my uterus. When I came back I was at the recovering room, feeling dizzy and weird but other than that I was okay. I was happy to be back to the world. They took me to the room where I could see my family. The doctor showed up to talk to me and to give me the pics from the surgery. She told me that I should try to empty my bladder to make sure it was functioning alright. Off to the bathroom I went, Aline helped me out. I was able to pee, and when O got back to the room they told me that that was really good and if I was hungry. I was so happy that I was going to be able to eat after having only liquids the day before and nothing after midnight, it was already 3pm. I ordered my meal and ate really well, they were all happy to see me like that and after some tests they sent me home.
The ride back home was really painful and so was to get in and out of the car. Got home and went straight to bed. Because of the drugs was not hard to fall sleep, the difficult part was to find a better position that wouldn't hurt me. Had to got up a couple times to pee through the night, I was lucky to have my husband there to help me out.

Back to Seattle

Left Sao Paulo on Jan 25th, which was the B-day of the city 356 years old. Glad that I got to do a couple things with my brother and Marcela, also was able to see one of my friends. I was excited to see some old friends, that I didn't get the chance to see the on the past visit a year ago.
Everything went well on the airport and arriving in the US. We almost missed the flight in Dallas as we had to go through security again and the customs. We were the last ones to arrive in the plane.
Not our fault.
We got in Seattle and It was cold, I felt a bit different arriving here after spending a whole month in my beloved country, with all the sun, the beaches, the fruits, the food, the family and friends. I kinda felt out of place, but I was really happy to see my husband after so long. Wish I could stay in his arms for a while when we saw each other, but at the same time we were hungry and tired from the 18 hours flight.
Got home fill the air mattress with air, and tried to unpack my luggage. Was happy to see my cat as well, as missing her a lot.
They stayed here for 3 weeks, and we didn't stop a single day. Lots of trips to the mall, as they were planning about buying a couple things to take back home. We did a lot of tourist things, so they could either fall in love or hate Seattle, the first one happened :-)
I took both of them to Forks, so they could see some parts of the town where twilight was filmed, I think they enjoyed. We also went to Mount Baker to snowboard for the 1st time, was a great and at the same time frustrated experience, at least for me, since I was getting up only to fall the next moment while trying to stand on the board.
They ate at some fast food places, cause I thought they should try as we don't have that many in Brazil.
I think they got tired of
Lucas had a Starbucks coffee almost every day, as here we have one in almost every corner. They were able to spend Dan's B-day here, we went to game crazy and to a brewery to have lunch. Was an interesting day as Dan as always got a little drunk.
I am pretty sure they had a great time here, the only bad part of their trip was that they had to spend the day at the hospital because my surgery was scheduled for the 19th of February, and they were going to leave to Brazil on the next morning. Luckily the surgery went well, but I was upset that I wasn't able to drive them to the airport next morning. I was happy that Bob was able to take them to the airport. They got in Brazil safely and the flight was on time.
Yeah, that sure made my day!
Missing Lucas already.

Leaving Brazil

wow, 1 month went by so fast, of course I did a lot of things, saw a lot of my friends but at the same time it feels like it was gone pretty fast. It will be hard to leave them again, but I am happy that at least Lucas and Aline will be going to Seattle with me to spend 3 weeks.
Was really hard to say goodbye to my mom, but I think I am get used to, at least I know that soon I will be back. At least I hope so.
I am happy because I had the time to spend and enjoy my family, specially my mom, and I am happy because while I was here her diabetes was controlled and we could do lots of things together without me being worried about her having a lower blood sugar experience, as I was used to see.
I was able to go see my best friend Roberta, and take my family with me, it was a perfect weekend at Lagoa do Taquaral.
I didn't do lots of tourist things this time, but at least I did what I had planned to do.
OH Sabrina, it was amazing to see how much she had change, she is my little princess. We had a great time together.
Going to miss all of them, but I will be back soon.
Love you guys

Update about my trip to Sao Paulo

I didn't have the time to write about my trip to Brazil, life has been chaotic after the surgery, but I will talk about the surgery later on.
I arrived in Brazil with no delay, was really happy about it. Saw my mom and my brother, I was so excited. We went to my mom's house where I had a delicious breakfast, was hard to eat though because my internal clock was all messed up. My sister showed up, with my nephew and niece, she ended up having to take my nephew to the hospital as he wasn't feeling well. I gave my niece lots of hello kitty stuff and we had so much fun through the day.
I am so happy to be here, missing my hubby already.