Thursday, March 3, 2011

Endometriosis awareness month.

March is here! This month has become one of my favorites. It is time to let the word out, it is time to educate more people about our disease, it is time to wear yellow, even though almost nobody would know what the color is about which make me so sad.
When October comes everybody wears pink, even the football player which is great, but March almost nobody wear yellow. That's why we need to do our best to make people understand how horrible, debilitating this disease is. I use my facebook as a tool to spread my awareness but sadly I had "friends" saying that I was doing too much, and that I should stop complaining. Serious??? I was really upset, but I didn't give up, my posts continues in there and if they don't like they can easily hide my posts or delete me from the friends list, cause apparently this people complaining are not my friends anyway.
At the same time I found this group on facebook called "endo sisters " and I feel like those girls became my closest friends. We understand each other, we know when we need a nice word, we know when to be there, even though we are far away from each other. I am happy I am part of this amazing group.
Have you ever had some of your friends saying that you complain a lot?
My teacher was awesome, he made sure my classmates were going to be wearing yellow on the 1st of March, and at least half of my class was. I made some yellow ribbons and took to school. Last night he put the DVD of my surgery and while the video was going I was explaining to the students about it. They were amazed. So, in 2 days I was able to spread the word ENDOMETRIOSIS to at least 14 people. I feel really happy because of it.

March is also my God daughter's B-day, she will be turning 4 years old. I really wanna go back to Brazil just to hug her and say that I love her, but I am not sure If I will be able to. Tickets are really expensive right now, because of Carnaval, and I still have 8 weeks left of school. If I can find a good deal I will definitely go, for at least a week, but I have to hurry, her Birthday is on the 10th and my sister will have a big party for her on the 19th. Wish me luck everyone, my search will continue for better prices.
Wishing you all a great month of March, even though we are in pain the majority of the days let's not loose our hope and make sure to enjoy the small painfree moments.


Sunday, February 20, 2011

1 year since my laparoscopy surgery

Isn't amazing how time flies? 1 year ago I was freaking out because of my surgery but I also had the hope that the surgery itself would help me to deal with the endometriosis, or even better, cure me. How silly I was. At the time I didn't know much about it and I thought that would give me a lot of relief.
Honestly I did get some relief but it lasted for only a couple months. The pain has come back terribly, just like how it was before. I've been having to take some strong painkillers, using my heating pad constantly, having to leave school earlier in the days that is hard to cope with the pain. So, I try to enjoy as much as I can the days that it doesn't hurt. I don't know about you guys but when I went to Tampa, FL in November I had a good relief from the pain, it was warm there and sunny and that definitely helped me a lot, but back in Seattle, WA things got worse again. It might be just me but I really think that the weather helps or worsens the condition.
Of course, it is always gloomy, cloud, cold and raining in here so I feel worse.
One thing that has been upsetting me a lot is that now I've been having a sharp pain during orgasms, so It is hard to relax during play time. I get so tense that I don't even enjoy sex that much anymore and it sucks. I have a very supportive husband but I am sure that this disease is hard on him as well.
All I know is that I will keep my hope alive and wait for the cure, but for the time being I will try as much as I can to provide awareness about this disease.
Going to bed now....Will probably have to take some advil pm in order to sleep since I am having my period and the cramps are killing me.