Monday, December 14, 2009

14 days to go

I will be leaving Seattle in 14 days...I am so excited that I can barely keep to myself. I can picture the hug from my family, specially my mom and my niece.
Awww, how I miss them. It is so hard to live so far away from the ones I love so much. I am happy that I have a special husband that understands me so well and always try to comfort me, otherwise I wouldn't be able to deal with the distance. I am glad that we have computers and skype.

endometriosis (understanding the disease)

I wanna tell you about it what I've been going through lately and also explain a little bit about endometriosis, maybe I will be able to help someone out there.
Growing up I've always had painful cramps during my period and heavy bleeding. I've been to so many doctor since I was 14 years old. All they told me was that it was normal to feel pain and have heavy bleeding for the first years of the menstruation as my body was changing. Anyway 2 years went by and the cramps were still there and then I started missing days at school. Went back to the doctors and this time I got some exams done which all of them were normal. They just prescribed some pain medicine for the bad days and that was it. My family and friends wouldn't understand when I had to miss school and later on work because of the pain that was really bad.
When I turned 19 I went to another doctor, this time she prescribed some birth control pills and told me that I would feel better. She was right my periods were less and the cramps I could handle, they were not strong anymore. But the years went by and it came back with a revenge. I've been suffering a lot since Dec 08. But since now I live in Seattle I went to doctors over here, that's when for the first time I heard the word ENDOMETRIOSIS. They tried a couple of things first like, ultrassounds and even continuous birth control, it didn't help. So when I went back to the doctor he said that the only way for them to able to help me is through the laparoscopy which I will explain better as I continue typing, I was supposed to have the surgery on November this year, but because I've been doing a lot of research I decided to get a second opinion from a specialist (which I scheduled the appointment for February 2010) The reason why it is because I will be going back home and as I was still working wouldn't have enough time to recover.
The pain has driven me crazy and my husband as well. I am lucky that I can count on him, even though for some moments it is too much for both of us. Right now I am trying to have a sugar free, wheat free, dairy free and alcohol free type of diet. I've been learning how to substitute what I eat for some other foods. So far I am feeling a little bit better. The only moment that I've been having the pain is during intercourse (that was the reason I went back to see the doctors)and during my periods, but other than that I've been able to manage, at least till I get back and have this procedure done.

A little bit more about what it is endometriosis you can find in the website bellow.


1 week to go.

Hey everyone, I just thought about making a blog of this new moment of my life. I've been working as a nanny for the past 2 1/2 years, and I decided the time to stop just arrived. I have till Friday to say goodbye to being a nanny. I am pretty excited as this cycle of my life is finishing and hopefully a better one will soon approach.
Have so many things on my mind. So many ideas. So many plans, but one thing is certain: "next year will be a year full of changes"and that makes me happy. Will be going back home (Brazil) to spend time with family and friends, going to miss my husband and my cat but it will be good to be away from the cold and rain for awhile. When I get back will be time to look for going back to school, have my surgery done (laparoscopy) because the doctor is suspecting of endometriosis which I had a hard time this year because of the pain that I've been feeling, but right now I don't wanna talk about this, right now it is time to talk about exciting things like, coming back to Seattle, look forward to take classes and find a better job, a job that suits me and make me a happier person.
As I was a tomboy type of a girl in high school, I was never into beauty and style at all, but lately those subjects are getting my attention, and I am really excited about it. I've been watching a lot of videos on you tube about make up tutorials and they are helping me a lot to deal with my low self-stem because of the disease. So I am looking forward to be posting soon some pictures and videos.
This is just an introductory post.
Talk to you guys soon,